NotaBotYet M-Mount Pro Articulating Camera mount

NotaBotYet M-Mount Pro Articulating Camera mount

That new studio is finally done, and its a modern marvel of “Instagrammable” design and a showpiece of what a radio studio should be.  Your company finally invested in one of those cool new camera systems that switches video based on who is talking in their mic and you now have a new camera worthy studio (*hopefully built around many fine products from NotaBotYet!)

Now, to finish the job and mount those cameras…DOH!  That was never considered in the design!  How are they going to mount?!  You can’t just put up some massive camera rig that would look completely out of place in the studio!  You have all those Yellowtek m!ka System Poles in there already to mount your monitors and mics.  If only someone made something that seamlessly works with those and would not look out of place!  

Simple installation on standard slotted poles.

Introducing the M-Mount PRO from NotaBotYet.  This articulating mount was created by a studio designer facing the same problem of how to mount cameras in an unobtrusive yet elegant manner.  All the while, keeping the feel of the rooms other design features.

Designed to fit the slot of m!ka System Poles commonly used in radio studios, this camera mount is the easiest way to mount that Mevo camera or the cameras that came with that new Virtual Director system from Broadcast Bionics.

The articulating Arm is cabable of mounting nearly any camera up to 4.4 lbs (2 kg) and can also be used to mount other devices with 1/4-20 mounting holes such as small speakers or small camera lights, small camera monitors, mobile devices, and more!

And the best part of it all is you don’t have to build that new studio to use M-Mount PRO!  It works in any existing studio that has m!ka System Poles or where the poles can be added!

Instruction Sheet
Part # Y20-C02-0