NotaBotYet Accessory Module Bezels are a must have for any Axia installation. Nearly all solid surface countertop material requires a half-inch (13mm) minimum radius for inside corners. Furthermore, high pressure laminate countertops still require a minimum inside radius of one-eighth inch (3.2mm) to prevent stress cracking. Therefore square edged modules or modules with smaller corner radii cannot be flush mounted in solid surface materials or laminate countertops.

All of this means that the safest way to mount your Axia Console Accessory Modules is to surface mount them. However, many do not like the unfinished look of surface mounting these modules. NotaBotYet Bezels provide a stylish and functional mounting option for any surface type that looks clean and professional.

Having the module surface mounted also reduces the potential impact of nearby spills of coffee, soda or other drinks that can wreak havoc on sensitive electronics.

Instruction Sheet
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Part # A23-C01-0 (Axia GPIO Bezel)
Part # A23-Q01-0 (Axia Quasar Bezel)

Axia Quasar Module Without Bezel

Axia Quasar Module With Bezel


Axia GPIO Accessory Panel with Bezel

Reduce Impact of Spills versus flush mounted modules.