Universal Studio Accent Strip Light Kit

The radio studio has long been that dark interior dungeon with a dark countertop and a mic hanging over a mixing console with a few blinky lights.  Hey, they even gave us dimmers for the track lights so we can make it darker!  Let’s face it…your in studio Instagrams are about as exciting as a parallelogram.

But then something happened…something wonderful.  They called it “Social Media” and by golly those listeners are finally going to know what the air talent really look like after all…whether they wanted to or not!  Goodbye “Face-for-Radio!”   Facebook live, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and all those others that your kids are crazy about but you never heard of were just waiting for the radio guys to come into the light!!!  Except…  someone forgot that the radio studio is still the dungeon where air talent are entombed day and night doing live-reads and voice tracks as penance for not going to business school like their dad suggested!  How could they possibly expect to look cool for the listeners in such an environment!?

This studio was lit using three Studio Jam kits and one Expansion Jam kit. (*Actual logos have been photo-edited for copyright reasons)

What if a product came along to give studio builders an option to bring an little more “pizzazz” to the studio in the form of multi-color LED accent lighting.  Not that stuff from Amazon, but a purpose-built system designed by a studio guru to interface with the very broadcast systems the air talent use in order to be interactive.  What if that product could not only be an accent, but act as an annunciator as well, indicating items such as the hot line ringing, EAS alerts, silence sensing, front door buzzer, and so much more?  What if that system could be plug and play with popular broadcast console systems but also fully GPIO controllable by the engineers who still like to tinker?  What if that system could also bring you coffee during that morning show shift (OK, we got a little carried away there, it can’t bring you coffee, but with a few modifications to the coffee maker your engineer might be able to make it alert you when the coffee is ready!) *Modifying coffee makers is not encouraged or warranted by NotaBotYet LLC.

What if the product was called…

Studio Jam!

The Studio Jam by NotaBotYet is designed specifically for easy addition of controlled multicolor accent lights to a broadcast studio.  The complete kit allows for integration with a broadcast facility’s existing GPIO control system.  This eliminates the need for an expensive and complex custom DMX control system and programming, and still provides a significant step up in capability over the consumer off-the-shelf IR-controlled LED kits from the local retail chain.

The System:

The kit offers the installer flexibility in installations, providing a custom look for a fraction of the cost and time.   Some installation examples are:

  • Under counter lighting for broadcast studio furniture
  • Accent wall wash lighting
  • Backlighting for studio signage
  • Internal lighting for laser cut studio furniture legs
  • Phone or alarm annunciator
  • Equipment rack accent lighting
  • Virtually anything the installer can think of!

Custom mounts are supplied to help keep everything in place.

Every installation allows GPIO control of the 31 preprogrammed color programs.  Best results can be achieved when using a GPIO control system such as Axia Pathfinder, Wheatnet Screen Builder, or Lawo VSM.  However, even the simplest forms of GPIO control, including simple switches can be used to control the Studio Jam.  No programming knowledge is required and no computer interface or network control is required either.  A system can be easily installed; providing accent lights in a matter of minutes!

The kit includes:

  • 1 Primary Controller
  • 1 6-Amp 12V power Supply
  • 16 Feet of RGB Adhesive-Backed Flexible Strip Light
  • 4 RJ45-to-LED Strip Solderless Adapters
  • 16 Adhesive-Backed LED Strip Mounts

Our proprietary “RJ45-to-LED-Strip Adapter” give the installer a solderless way to install the light strip while providing maximum flexibility in installation.

In keeping with the spirit of reduced soldering for quick and easy installation, the kit includes four custom designed RJ45-to-lightstrip adapters.  This allows the installer to use off-the-shelf cat 5/6 patch cords to route power and control to the lightstrip from the master controller.  Since NotaBotYet does not know how far the installer intends to run these inexpensive and readily available cat5/6 cables, these patch cables are not included in the kit and must be provided by the installer.  Since 4 total adapters are included in the kit, the installer may choose to cut the 16 feet of supplied lightstrip into up to four individual sections to the size of their choosing.  The sections do not have to be the same length and can be individually connected from the central controller using simple Cat5 patch cables.  The kit’s 6-amp power supply is powerful enough to light 16 feet of lightstrip at full brightness, therefore no additional lightstrip can be added.  However, the Studio Jam Expansion kit is available to power and add 16 more feet of LED strip to a given installation.

Instruction Sheet
Part # J19-100-0